Sistema Político de los Estados Unidos de América -The U.S. Political System

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The US government is like a tree with a strong trunk and three branches:


The congress: makes the laws and controls finances. The Congress meets in the US Capitol
THE SENATE has 100 senators, two from every state; one-third of them is elected every two years for a six-year term.

The house of representatives:
1.There are 435 representatives.

2.The more people that live in a state, the more representatives it has.

3.Representatives serve for a term of two years.

4.They can be elected for more than one term.


The president:

1.The president, or Chief Executive, is the head of the government.

2.Americans vote every four years for their leader of their democratic society.

3.After elected to serve his/her country, the president lives and works in the White House.

4.The president is in charge of the armed forces.

5.The president works with leaders of other countries.

The Vice-president: He is elected together with President. He takes President’s office if President is unable to finish his term.


The Supreme Court: nine judges are appointed for life by the President.
Functions: interprets constitution, tests laws.

1.The Supreme Court is the highest court is the U. S., and is the system of courts to settle questions about the laws.

2.The nine justices can serve for as long as they live, or wish to retire.

3.Each justice is chosen by the president.

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