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Yo can use the structures  in the box with:

Difficult, easy, hard, imposible, dangerous, safe, expensive, cheap…
  • Do you thinkg it is safe  to drink  this wáter?
  • It is difficult to learn the exam

It’s nice (of you ) To

You can use this structure  to say what you thing of what somebody does
  • It was nice of you to take me to the  station.
  • It’s silly of Mary to give up her job  when she needs the money.
You can use many adjetives  in this way.

Kind, clever, sensible, mean, silly, stupid, careles, unfiar, considerate.

I’m sorry to

You can use this structure  to say how somebosy reacts to something
  • Was tom surprided  to see you  when you went to see him?
You can use many other adjetives in this way:

Happy, glad, pleased, delighted, sad, disappointed, surprised, amased

The First (person) To know, The next train to arrive 

We use to… after the first /second/third etc. And also after the next, the last, the only.
  • If i have any  more news , you will be  the first (person) to know.

You can use  that something is sure/ certain/ bound/ likely to happen:
  • She ‘s very intelligent .She’s sure to pass the exam.
It’s nice (of you ) To,  I’m sorry to, The First (person) To know, The next train to arrive .
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