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To talk about purpose, or the reason why we do things


We use TO to say why somebody does something(the purpose of an action)

  •  Why did you go out? “ To post a letter”

We use TO to say why something exists or somebody has/wants/needs something.

  • The President has a team of bodyguards to protect him.

We use TO to say what can be done  or must be done with something: 

  • Have you got much work to do? ( =  work that you must do)TO+ Verb (Infinitive)


We use FOR before of noun: (for a Holiday)

  • I am going to Spain for a holiday.

We use FOR –ing to say what the general purpose of a thing is. To… is also posible

  • This knife is only for cutting bread (or… to cut bread.)

We use FOR  to ask about porpuse: What… for?

  • What is this switch for? – What did you do that for?


When the purpose is negative ( so that… won‘t /woudn‘t):

  • I hurried so that I wouldn‘t be late. ( = because I didt‘n want to be late)
  • Leave early so that You won‘t (or don‘t) miss the bus.

With can and could ( so that… can/could)

  • She is learning English so that She can study in Canada.
  • We moved to London so that We could visit our friends more often.

When one person does something so that another person does something else:

  • I gave her my address so that She could contact me.

When use so that with  : So that + subjet + verb

Uso del To, For and So that, To talk about purpose, something exists or somebody has/wants/needs something.

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