In the bedroom - 2° grado de secundaria, Gramática: There is/ there are in affirmative form

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Lesson Plan o Lección de clase de inglés para clases simuladas o reales

Información general

  • Grade: 2nd
  • Theme: “In the bedroom” 
  • Component: Oral and Written Communication. 
  • Time: 90 Minutes 
  • Date:Tuesday November  08th   2006
  • Number Of Students : 34
  • Approach :  Inductive 
  •  Method:  Audio Lingual
  • Techniques  :  Repetition drill, Single slot substitution drill. 
  • Evaluation :  Hetero – evaluation  
  • Transversal content :  Productive education for Life.
  • Grammar: There is/ there are in affirmative form. 
  •  Phonetic Transcription:    / b e d /, /  t e l I v I ʒ ə n/, / t e I b ə l/, /b u k ʃ e l f l /, /p o u s t ə r /, / l æ m p /, /r e i d i o v/, /b u k s /.  
  • Previous Knowledge:The simple present of the verb To Be and The Personal Pronouns.

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