LESSON PLAN - Describing personalities

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I.                   GENERAL INFORMATION

1.1.Educative Institution       :  I.E N 0554- I.S.P.P.           
1.2.Year of instruction           : 2º “A”
1.3.Component                      : Oral and written      
1.4.Theme                              : “ Describing personalities”
1.5.Time                                 :   90'
1.6.Number of students         :   36
1.7.Trainee                             :   Jemima Del Rosario Perez  Correa.
1.8.Trainer                              :   Meily Líang Díaz Tuesta


2.1.      Method       : Communicative  

2.2.      Techniques: Questions and answer, language game, authentic materials.

            2.1.2. Materials  : Wall paper, board, eraser, papers, markers, blue tack, pictures. 

2.3.      Evaluation :  Hetero-evaluation.         


3.1. Area capacities                 :

3.3.1 Expression and Oral Comprehension:

§  He/she talks about his/ her personality.

3.3.2        Text Comprehension:
·         He / she identifies the characters of the text “chalkand cheese”.
·         He / she process information about the text “chalkand cheese”.

3.3.3        Text Production:
·           He/she redacts a chart about the personality of  his/ her friends.

3.3.4        Attitude to the area
Values and Attitudes
§  Responsibility: He/ She works in a responsible way.
§  Honesty     : He/ She shows interest to learn.
§  Respect: He /She respects the opinions of his / her partners establish in classroom for a better interaction.

  IV.             BASIC CONTENT

4.1.            Grammar     :  Modal  verbs. (should)
4.2.            Lexical items: serious, happy, quiet, shy, loud, extrovert,

4.3.            Phonetic transcription:         

4.4.            Previous knowledge:  Verb “to be”, Simple Present Tense.                  
V.                BIBLIOGRAPHY

§  OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS   2009             Dictionary Oxford Pocket.
§  CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS 2003  Approaches and methods in language teaching.


1.      Situation to get  previous knowledge. (10minutes)

  •             The teacher greets the students:

How are you today? 
·         The teacher asks for the date:

What day is it today?
                        The day is…………..Monday or Thursday
                        The date is………….. 02nd or 24th  
                        The month is………...February or November
                        The year is ………….2008 or 2011.

                        Ok, today is Monday 15th November 2011.

·         The Teacher elicits the topic:
·         Teacher presents some pictures and asks:

v  What can you see?
v  Is he happy?
v  What happen? 
v  What do you think about this picture?
v  What personality does this picture represent?
v  According to the question, what is the topic for today?

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