LESSON PLAN “Describing Famous People”

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                               “Describing Famous People”           

         I.            GENERAL INFORMATION
1.1.       Educative Institution       :           I.E. Cleofé Arévalo del Águila         
1.2.       Year of instruction           :           1ST
1.3.       Component                       :           Oral and written        
1.4.       Theme                                :           “Describing Famous People”
1.5.       Time                                   :           90 minutes
1.6.       Number of students        :           30
1.7.       Trainee                              :           Est. Reily Eduu Jalk Paredes
1.8.       Trainer                               :           Lic. Nestor Avidón Reátegui


2.1.       Method: Communicative Method
2.1.1.      Techniques              : Role play, Dialogues, Free song (fill in the blanks)
2.1.2.      Materials                 : Board, markers, Lyrics, pictures.
                                     Teacher, students, trainer.      
2.2.       Evaluation: co-evaluation, oral tests, revision of the presented free song.

Describes himself/herself to other classmates.
Identifies famous people.
3.1.       Transversal content             :           Familiar and Social coexistence Education.
3.2.       Fundamental capacities      :           Critical and creative thought.
3.3.       3.3. Area capacities                    :  
3.3.1.      Oral expression and comprehension
Describes the physical appearance of the famous people.
3.3.2.       Comprehension of texts:
Identifies the relevant information in the presented texts to describe people.
3.3.3.      Production of texts:
Creates a new dialogue, by working in pairs.
3.3.4.      Attitude to the area
Values and Attitudes
·         Technology                 : He/she appreciates the use of appropriate technologies to improve his/her English level.
·         Respect           : He/she respects and values different ideas, languages and cultures of others.
·         Responsibility: He/ She works in a responsible way.
·         Honesty       : He/ She shows interest to learn.

    IV.            BASIC CONTENT
4.1.     Grammar                            :          Possessive adjectives (my, your, his, etc.)
4.2.     Lexical items                       :           MY, YOUR, HIS, HER
4.3.     Phonetic transcription        :           /bi: laɪk/ /lʊk laɪk / /'deɪli 'hæbɪt/
4.4.     Previous knowledge            :           Verb “to be” Personal pronouns. The article,            
                                                                present  simple and past simple    tenses.                                           

       V.            BIBLIOGRAPHY
 ·         Workbook: ENGLISH SECONDARY 1st. Santillana Editorial

6.1.     Situation to get previous knowledge. (10 minutes)
Motivation towards the topic: The teacher will start presenting himself as their new English teacher and then he will write the date on the board. And soon will show to the class a picture of two very famous teen artists (Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus) and will ask to the class what are the name of those singer, then, T will ask to the class how do the artists look like, and make some question in order to make ST’s talk.
Hi everybody, good morning and welcome to the class, my name is Reily Eduu and I will be your teacher this day. Ok, let’s see, first, please anybody can tell me the date? (With a quick read and some repetition process, the teacher sticks the date on the board. Afterwards the T had introduced himself the teacher will stick on the wall some pictures of an artist, and write with a marker on the board the appearance of the character.
Ok, the topic of this class is related to people and their characteristics (appearance, weight, etc) so, tell me, do you know these people? Do you like their music? What is your favorite song? What else do you know? What is your opinion about their style? If more questions presents, the teacher and his class will answer them.

In order to help the students to get into the topic, the teacher will stick the pictures of those artist on the wall and write the name of the class: DESCRIBING MY FAMOUS ARTIST

The teacher describes himself in order to give an example: The teacher in order to start the work of the topic, will describe himself and his characteristics.
Ok, class, now let’s start with some description work my name is Reily EduuI’m 20 years old and I have brown eyes, black and straight hair. My favorite artist is Don Omar, and he has black eyes, and brown and curly hair. After when this part of the class have finished, the teacher will begin explaining about the grammar content.

6.2.     Situation to elaborate new knowledge (50 minutes)
Vocabulary reading: The class will read a small and incomplete paragraph, the one that will be stuck on the board. This paragraph will talk about the president of the United States, Barack Obama.
Now students, we talked about artists, but now I’m going to read to you a short paragraph, about a very important person in the world, do you want to know who I am talking about? Well I’m talking about Barack Obama, Who is he? Does he have any children? Well let’s find it out.  After the short explanation and after listen to some quick answers, the teacher will proceed with the paragraph:

This is Kate and this is Monica, they are neighbors and they are having a conversation, at the supermarket
kate:   hello Monica, your hair looks different
Monica: Oh yes, now my hair is red
kate:   It looks nice.
Monica: hey, but you have something different too
kate    : Yeah, I’m wearing contact glasses and my eyes are blue now.
After reading this paragraph, the teacher will ask to some students to read it, one time more or twice. After that, the T will write on the board the follow question:
How does your partner look like?
-   Grammar focus:  The dialogue is concentrated on the possessive adjectives.
-   Learning in a Context: This situation will represent the basic part of the class, because the teacher will ask to the students for their active participation.
Now students, please, pay attention to me (the T will write on the board the possessive adjectives) and explain that we use possessive adjectives to give possession to the noun.
6.3.       Situation to incorporate learning to life (20 minutes)
·         Exercises: Texts Production: In this part the teacher using his authority into the class, ask their students to create a short line about a famous person, by working in pairs or group of three people.
The students will create a conversation, by working in pairs or group of three; the conversation that they will create can vary and will talk about the possessive adjectives.

6.4.     Situation to evaluate
The process of evaluation will be constant and mainly oral, the correct pronunciation of the words and the right use of the tenses will be also important. The student has to be able to achieve the outcomes, and then be able to approve the course.


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